My New WebSite

6 01 2009

My new website is about well…. i don’t know but there is somethings i do know…

that you can tell me what you want on here and i

will put it on!! Cool right? And guess what else…


YOU ARE THE ONES HELPING!!!! just tell me what

you want me to put on and “ZING” done.  thx SO huch you guys

plz go to it and see this page:



my new website called…



30 11 2008

hey guys i’m just going to tell you about my favorite comic charater that i made up named zap.


  1. she can use her pointer finger and point at anything and all she has to do is say ZAP and it comes to life!
  2. her face can come off and she can be anything she wants!



  1. Cartoonie
  2. zap jr.
  3. chowder
  4. spongebob squarepants
  5. tiger

and many many many many many many many more!!!

hopefully you can be hers to!!

see if you can be the first to coment!


21 11 2008

eric carpenter, adam holbus, marika holbus , ME, oscar sprangers and shane matthias.

demi lovato rocks!!!

15 11 2008


me and my bffl marika love demi lovato not like love love but like roll model love.

and if you don’t know who’s demi lovato, here’s some info on this rockin’ celeb!

Name: Demetria Devonne Lovato

Occuption: Singer and Actress (known for her apperance as Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock)

info why we like her

the look on her face says “follow your dreams” and “wishes do come true”!

let’s get started!

16 09 2008

hi i’m cartoonie! i hope you have a good time here. just explore!