24 05 2009




8 05 2009

HI PEOPLE!!! im in a dance contest for tap dance. hope me luck.

I can draw on the computer

11 04 2009

  Tclub penguinhis is a picture i made on my laptop. I MADE IT MY SELF!!  Hey guys see that picture? well heres another picture of a character i made named Meko ™. so yeah dont copy.meko


3 04 2009

i got this comment ( witch was really mean )  and it said i should go outside sometimes and i do. i play basketball ( outside ), i also scotter around the block with my friends oh and i play at the park and (ect.) so you get it. so if you give me a bad comment ill spam them and maybe something worst! so BACKOFF JERKS!!!  >:O  ok so bye know.

What I do to pass the time

1 03 2009

I’m almost bored ALL the time. My friends should know. But when im bored I would play a video game, read a pearls before swine book, draw comics, read comics, talk about comics, sing or any thing else like watch tv. But the one thing i love the most is… ( drum roll please.) 


Ok, thats all… For now!!!!

pearls before swine

6 02 2009

Pearls before swine by: stephan pastis

4 02 2009

have you ever heard of pearls before swine? well its in the journal sentral and It is soooooo funny!  i love the characters and stephan pastis. those cute crocodiles ( A.K.A  crockydiles). Thank you stephan pastis and my veiwers!

peace out yo!